Cherry Mum - Premium CBD Flower

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Cherry Mum - 24.4% Premium CBD Flower

BUDS: Buds on this are a bright green and rather large with a medium density.  You can see from the closeup picture that they are very frosty! The trim, however, isn’t exceptional. It will require some hand trimming or picking off some of the small sugar leaves to make it a great strain. We have adjusted the price a little lower than our other strains only because of the trim. It won’t disappoint otherwise!

TERPENE PROFILE: The main two terpenes in Cherry Mom are Myrcene at 1.32% and the more rare terpene Ocimene at .39% Ocimene is a terpene responsible for some of the sweet and herbaceous flavors of certain cannabis strains, and it can also add citrusy and woody undertones.

NOSE: Strong notes of cherry and citrus! It doesn’t have that skunky smell but rather sweet like grandma is making her famous cherry pie.

BRAD’S REVIEW: For::  this strain, I used my Solo 2 dry herb vaporizer. The sweet smell and taste were really brought out with the vape.

Overall Effects: Cherry Mom provides top tier relaxation of both body and mind while remaining uplifting and motivating.  Users report it as one of the “happiest” strains around.  Cherry Mom is a cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, two high-CBD strains.

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Cherry Mum - 24.4%